K.ing Of Kings MSW Durian Snowskin Mooncake At S$88 + Free Delivery



Kings Kings Msw榴莲雪刺月饼是100%由纯穆斯兰王肉类包裹在薄的Mochi皮肤内。每个盒子都配有4 x 170g msw榴莲雪花板月饼,有两种口味和巧克力 - 可供选择。此外,每个月饼套装都配有一个免费的荞麦茶。

Kings Msw榴莲月饼

通过Whats澳门金莎真人app +65 9223 6333享受一盒Kings Mao Shan王杜里安·斯堪·杜里安Snowskkin Mooncake以及来自老挝人民币128澳元的三箱的一箱传统月饼。它包括免费送货岛。

K.ing of Kings Mao Shan Wang Durian flavours
- Original Skin
- Chocolate Skin

T.raditional Mooncake from Lao Zi Hao flavours
- Single Yolk Lotus
- 双蛋黄莲花
- 低糖麦卡达酰胺
- Charcoal Black Sesame
- Red Bean
- 混合坚果


Ginger’s Seafood In A Pan – Giant Paella Pan of Seafood, Crabs & Grilled River Prawns


一世f you love seafood and love to eat it until you drop, Ginger at PARKROYAL on Beach Road’s brand new Seafood In A Pan promotion, launched in celebration of National Day, will definitely send your tastebuds tingling with excitement.

T.he iconic weekend buffet line-up has a new centrepiece, featuring a mega Paella pan filled to the brim with scallops, prawns, lobsters, salmon and crabs steeped in bubbling broth. The flavours of soup base include Laksa, Assam Curry and Mee Siam, changing on a rotational basis.





R.efinery Concepts — 13 Restaurants With 15% Discount Including Fat Cow And Bedrock Bar &Grill

refinery concepts collage.





两个面包师 - Serangoon的新出口,有实惠的主电源,啤酒和怀旧甜点

T.wo Bakers Cafe

Having made its name as an artisanal dessert cafe at Horne Road, Two Bakers has opened their second outlet along Teck Chye Terrace. Helmed by Le Cordon Bleu Paris trained chef, you can expect the same quality food and French-fusion desserts at the Serangoon outlet.

Have you ever searched high and low for a particular treat from your childhood, yet to no avail? Well, with Two Bakers’ new Nostalgia dessert series, you can relive those beloved flavours and memories once again.


一世n addition to their new selection of nostalgic desserts, Two Bakers also offers a whole new menu of mains, including a specially crafted dinner menu at the Serangoon outlet. With the mission to serve wholesome food for the soul and the motto of “eat well live well”, here’s why you really should drop by Two Bakers’ new outlet soon!

从现在到2019年8月30日,我们的读者可以引用“Lady ronchef”,享受平日午餐和晚餐(周二澳门金莎真人至周五)享受25%的优惠,不包括公众假期。


S.i Chuan Dou Hua Has A New Pi Pa Roast Suckling Pig Feast That You Do Not Want To Miss Out On

哺乳猪Si Chuan Dou Hua

著名的四川和最好的服务Cantonese food in town, Si Chuan Dou Hua strives to constantly change up their menu to bring us fresh dishes that are stellar both in taste and presentation. Helmed by Executive Chef Leung Wing Chung,思川窦华在基奇纳诺克鲁specialises in authentic and traditional fare, finely-crafted to bring out the original flavours of each dish.

可供午餐和晚餐于2019年9月15日至2019年9月30日,佳肴像皇家皇家,半猪为138粒,为全猪的228美元)和专门的策划套装,其中包含了味道的喜欢炒作 -炸螃蟹,精致准备双煮汤等等。

Si Chuan Dou Hua哺乳猪盛宴

一世n the promotion, their newest suckling pig dish is accompanied by a myriad of other Cantonese-style dishes that are sure to tantalise your tastebuds. This set is available for both lunch and dinner from 15 July to 30 September 2019. To help you enjoy the meal even further, you can quote “LIC15″ upon making your reservation to enjoy 15% off all Pi Pa Suckling Pig Set Menus.



en sushi - 新鲜的生鱼片,令人垂涎欲滴的maki卷和美味的donburi

E.n Sushi

以日本人物为谢意的名字命名,en Sushi以生鱼片和寿司的形式向海洋的宝藏支付敬意。他们用日本的完美主义在他们所服务的每个客户的工作和真正的'Omotenashi'热情款待中制作每一道菜。

凭借其新的搬迁到中路,联合创始人Kenneth Koh和Ex-Nogawa Chef先生,肯尼斯谭先生希望为每顿饭的餐馆带来高架日本料理和经验。

D.ecked out in modern Japanese wood furnishings, cosy chairs and backlit walls featuring row after row of Japanese sake, the restaurant offers affordable meals that certainly do not skimp on quality.

Here’s everything to love about En Sushi and why you should really pay them a visit soon the next time you’re hankering for some quality Japanese fare.

From now until 7 August 2019, quote ‘ladyironchef’ to enjoy 50% OFF the second Donburi. This promotion is valid from Sundays to Thursdays during lunch and dinner.


K.FC’s Cereal Chicken – Their Latest Zi Char-Inspired Creation That is Cereal-sly Good

K.FCCereal Chicken group 2 copy

K.FCis seriously the gift that keeps giving. We all love some good ol’ fried chicken and of course, KFC always delivers. Following closely behind their Saucy Wings, KFC’s newest creation is set to be well-loved by Singaporeans: Cereal Chicken.




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